Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Venice, City of Love

Last year around this time, I finally managed to put steps onto few countries in Europe which is France, Switzerland, as well as, Italy.

The country that gave me most unforgettable memories is definitely Italy where I've visited Rome, Venice, Pisa and Florence

Venice .... I would say it's the most romantic place that I've ever been to. Even for a single lady like me, I fell in love with my imaginary boyfriend. It's definitely one of the perfect getaway for a couple.

Everyone know that Venice is the city on water. With that, it is so different with any other city already. It is not a big city where you basically finish walking the main streets in just within a day. However, for you to venture within the blocks, bridge after another bridge, all i can say that is FUN! Because at every corner of this small street, there's just interesting thing to see and eat. So, just be adventurous and get lost in the Venice .. The most is ..... you drop into the sea only ma .... :P

 Adding with the romantic night out at the St. Mark's square, it's perfecto ~ *kissing fingers*

Day view of part of the square which was flooded with last night's high tide

Night view of the Square 

So romantic kan !!!!! Just imagine all the romantic songs are playing around the square ... And we spotted this elderly couple dancing away with the waltz ... Ok ok .. I couldn't remember what was the music that they were dancing to ... xD

Oh and of course, not forgetting this as the companion .. :D

At the square itself, you can already visit the St. Mark's Church ...

as well as the Doge's Palace ... A very educational visit of the palace where it's consists of the Doge's residential area, the Palace of Justice and the prison. It is also served as the seat of the government in the olden days. And being to experience the Bridge of Sigh, where that's the bridge where the prisoners were able to look at the outside world one last look before they were walked to the prisons.

Other than the St Mark's square, you must also at least take a picture of the famous Rialto Bridge. It's people mountain people sea, so it's really hard to get a shot without humans in it .. RAWR ...

OO OO !!! As Venice was our first stop in Italy, of course we couldn't stop eating the yummilicious GELATO lor .. I seriously don't know how many I have taken in the 2 nights stay xD

Best evah GELATO !!!!

Also, caught this awesome shot near the St Mark's square during sunset

Pls say CANTEK !!!!!! :P

And for the guys, this is for you la ~

I officially now wants to revisit Venice asap T___________________________T

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