Sunday, January 21, 2007

shopping again

slept around 4am cuz chat with dat lionel , adelee , weeven , wewe (the latest of others) , eileen , chingyong etc . thnx to dat lionel for telling us so much things plus teaching us about something dat we gals oso dun know lor . arigatok lionel ah .. =.=!

then , woke up at around 10 something lu . ate breakfast . fetch jie jie to pasar to buy papaya n ubi but dun have . so go back . did 2.4 hwk . dun know y keep do wrong . adelee online . asked her . thnx adelee ~!! muah . must give u a treat . a sweet ok ? ekekek .

after lunch , time to shopping lu ~! ekeke .. at first tot is just me , mummy n jie jie going . but then , daddy n bro oso go . ekeke . daddy be the driver lu . went to a look like a factory like dat , Niichi Fashion City . when go in , wah ... so many clothes inside neh .. wohoo .. 3 of us start shopping lor while daddy n bro like other any man find a place to sit n play with their hp XD after looking around . me bought 1 more skirt with flower design , more for formal wear XD n 1 dress or normally ppl call as "one-piece" .

then headed to 1U cuz got rm30 voucher to spend at U-Parkson . but we all like dun know wat to buy d . so end up , jie jie bought a lipstick which cost 30.51 and oni pay dat rm0.51 .. ekeke .. cheapest ever bought . haha . after tat , went back lu . had dinner b4 go home nearby my house lu .

watched tv . online . listen to song . some1 online . so chat lu . but now dat some1 bz doing report for work de . so i blog then now wan go do tax lu . ciaoz for now .

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