Sunday, January 28, 2007

La la la

Today is saturday =.= (duh .. every1 knows dat ) . but saturday normally is the day where i no need wake up so late mah n today need to wake up at 6am >.<>

saw wewe n william was there in the car d . then 3 of us get down from our own car n walk to class lu . met chingyong , tingting n chin on the way to foyer . felt my eye like so heavy la like swollen like dat >.<>

after class at around 2.30pm , fetch honghong to 1U b4 go home lu . talk all the way although really sleepy liao . but oso luckily got honghong talk with me . if not . accident may happen easily =.= choi choi ! touch wood !

reach home . tot wan to sleep de . mana tau gor gor say change baju (cuz i changed to shorts) as wana go out .. i was like -.- harr .. ok lu .. so , went out with gor gor , jie jie n mummy . then came back . chat a while n me n jie jie play with the newly bought barbie doll ( is for jie jie's niece de ) but mummy saw us like so enjoy playing . hahaha .. memang childish la me . >.<>

then .. play game a while . go out for dinner at around 8 . eat until 9 something . reach home . bath again cuz we sat too near to the smoke d .. oily neh . then continue playing my game lu . play until now eye blur blur d lah . wuwuwu . wan sleep wan sleep . must sleep enuf la . tml nite going out again . later mon sure end up oi oi in the class de . wuwuwu .. k la . time to sleep . my panda eye getting obvious la .. ish .

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SmallHead said...

hahaha,u got jie jie de mer???