Wednesday, January 24, 2007

adelee's lucky day

well well .. i guess today is adelee ho's lucky day .. she is so so so so so lucky until make me so beh tahan her lerr .. wuwu .. wat happen is dis ..

in the morn . just woke up . then do tax hwk . adelee called me . ask me about tax . then before she hang up , she told me she won 2 vip ticket to rain concert . wah lau eh . 1st time call oso get it . ish . every1 was happy for her lor . ekeke .

in the night . online . adelee ask me to on to hear the cue call for 6 tix to Nike Force Party . so i listened . then when the radio say can start calling . so me call lor . but tak bleh get thru ler . mana tau .. she again get thru =.= ish ish . so lucky ah .

congrat congrat happy adelee XD

anyway .. oso wan say ty to adelee cuz for counting me in to the nike force party . muah . love adelee the most . wat shuld i wear leh ? give some comment . XD

wear jean skirt or one piece leh ? wat shoe/high heel to go with my clothes ler ? need shopping liao . akakak .


Honghongtan said...

miniskirt + tube+ high heels ! WAKAKA XD

- AdeLeE - said...

bikini ! i reli need shoppin ! i oso no idea wat to wear !

k@hy3@n said...


ish dua ni ..
hong : no tube + mini skirt la
adelee : bikini ah . cannot la . 2 fat d .