Sunday, January 21, 2007

Shopping !

woke up at 11am cuz online till 1 something i think . then as usual , help mum to cook lunch lor . after lunch , watch "Koma" which had already shown half .. the movie is making me n bro gf so blur lah . tot is horror movie but ended up a "confusing" movie . so went up to bro room n play com game + is raining . so cant go out to adjust my spec . then , mum came up n asked me wana go adjust not cuz rain seems to stop d . so , ok lor . after adjust it , went to midvalley lu . had dinner at yoshinoya .. a fast food . the food still ok lah but expensive neh . after dinner , wohoo ! shopping time ! 1st 1st , gor gor went into some shoe shop to look for sport shoe . but din found 1 . so then went to jusco lu . dat's where daddy n gor gor went to the men section while me , jie jie n mum at women section .. so , look for clothes . so many on discounts neh . wohoo . shop shop shop . at last get 2 skirts n a blouse . ekeke . i love shopping ~! wohoo ~! k lah . stop here . cuz something interesting happening in msn . must concentrate . ekekeke .

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