Friday, January 19, 2007

New Specky

the 2nd thurs of the year which i have no class .. woke up late .. then had breakfast continue with lunch .. wake up late mah .. ekekeke .. then , bz with daddy thinking where's the best place to hang the newly bought "mercun" ( cant remember english call as wat d ) light .. so nice lerr .. end up hang in the living room .. dad did the wyring cuz we bought 2 to hang mah .. ekeke .. nice nice when it's light up .. then afternoon , went to collect my new specky .. ekekek .. love it much .. it's a purple frame .. n is something like nowadys trend lu .. then went 1u with daddy n mummy for shopping .. but oni realise the sales in jusco oni starting on 20/1 .. alamak .. so , mummy say dun buy 1st .. wait till sales oni buy .. so like dat lu for the day .. la la la .. then at nite do nothing much but just online .. ekekeke .. sian nya .. >.< -- My New Specky --


chingyong said...

fuiyo~ new spec.. so yeng~~

Honghongtan said...

pheew weet ! leng lui <3

k@hy3@n said...

ty ty .. ekeke