Thursday, January 4, 2007

1st Day in College

Yea ~! At last im back to college .. Some people read mayb think i siao 1 .. Go college oso so happy .. Erm .. Not siao lah .. I happy cuz after 3 weeks , at last get to meet all my frens again mah .. So miss them lerr .. Is like few days dun c oso so miss them d >.< Cuz without them = no fun lerr ... Anyway , today's class is not a boring class cuz is Ms Rozi's class .. My fav lecturer so far .. Muah .. So it's a good start for this sem .. XD

Like Adelee say lor .. most of us had change hairstyle d luuuuu ... All look nice .. Ekekeke .. Since today class start at 3pm , so mostly oso go college in the afternoon lor .. Then , reached college , those who went travel during the holidays , exchanged souveniors .. Thnx to tkj , adelee , eileen my dear , n of course sher huey .. XD Love all of the souvcniors very much .. Ekekeke ..

K la , today must sleep bit early cuz tml nid to wake at around 6 something .. Cuz class is at 8am .. Wuwuwuuw ... Hope tml's class will be as interesting too .. Muah ..

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