Friday, January 19, 2007

TT n Mark Bday or CNY ?

yeah ~! today is our tall n smart guy , tatt hoong aka tt . but y do i put my title as above ? reason is becuz today is like there's about 6 out of 20+ ppl wearing soooo red n 2 leng lui wore pink .. so .. is like so reddy .. ekeke .. anyway , let me start from the beginning lah . XD

at around 8.30am , william came to my house , had breakfast , then headed to college to meet the rest lu .. saw honghong , wewe , james , chingyong were there d .. itu chingyong some more doing tax neh .. fuiyo ~~ make ppl stress la wei .. anyway , around 10 i think , dun know who called wewe saying tat lionel , sher huey , n suan li going pyramid straight while tkj going with wee ven .. so me , wewe , honghong n william went to pyramid 1st while james n hua loong waited for elaine n tiger n itu chingyong wait for wee ven ..

reached pyramid . lou po called say she n adelee oso reached d . so went to kim gary to meet them , but b4 reach there ady saw them near esprit shop .. went to kim gary but saw like we r the earliest so decided go walk 1st .. walk back . met sui yuan , steven n tt .. hang around then decide go kim gary to wait for others la . so , went in n sit at the middle table out of 3 tables cuz there's 20++ of us .. so need 2 long table n 1 round table lu . order drink n food . chat . ss (as usual =.= ) . some went for pool oso cuz mark will oni come at around 1 .. >.<

chat chat chat . ss ss ss n ss . at last all cannot wait liao . asked the waiter to prepare the food lor . me order korean mee spicy soup with egg n pork while lou po order twin sauce . then me n lou po share the food .. the twin sauce is like soooooooo nice neh .. yum yum . finish eating . continue with chat .. then sing bday song ..

"Happy Birthday to Mark" for the 1st time


"Happy Birthday to Tatt Hoong" for the 2nd time

Cut cake . Ate small piece of the choco banana cake cuz too full d . Then every1 rushed back to coll after saying bye to mark cuz got 2.1 to attend . phew . lucky is not late for class .. ekeke .. but every1 of us seem like sleepy attending the class .. attend half way , Uncle Teo came in to talk about the new syllabus lu .. then break . continue sleepy again . then go back lu ~! hahaha .. the time dat i've been waiting since 2.30 XD

-- Picture of "CNY Day" --

me n honghong ss in coll
yay ~! the 3 red n 1 odd

ermm . aiming the red shirts or the butt ?
gong xi fa cai ~!
add in our mummy , adelee
then came daddy , tt . 1 happy family with 6 kids ~!

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