Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Stupid Friendster

Aarrrgghhh... Guess what is the time now?? Haha... Dunno y i just dowan to sleep.. But my head is getting heavier n heavier now.. After i wrote my 2nd post, i offline and went to my bed.. I tried to close my eyes and sleep but i couldn't.. Haiz.. So, i took my hp and online and check out who is still online n check my mail.. Then, I read a mail by friendster saying someone is having a new blog.. So, i went and read what that someone wrote.. That someone posted 2 blogs.. So i read.. I was very upset the way that someone wrote.. Not because that someone wrote bad about me or anyone.. But that someone seems to be very lost.. Normally i thought that someone is always like that.. Feeling lost but after reading the blog, and I know that someone is seriously lost.. The feeling that someone gave me is like someone i knew very well has changed.. Maybe part of the reason is we have contact lesser nowadays...Then, i thought of log in into Friendster to find out more but i couldn't log in... DARN.. Im really sad seeing that someone is so so so upset... I wish I could do something to make that someone happier...

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