Saturday, December 6, 2008

2 more to go

Was clicking through some of the blogs to see what is their latest updates , their feelings etc etc .. And last but least , arrived at a fren's page .. It's been quite sometimes since the ACCA exam started that I have not visited their blog to update myself of them ..

I was reading at her update .. and i really agreed with how she felt cuz that how i felt too ..
P6 (Taxation) was fine to me , confidently came out from the exam hall . P4 (Finance Management) was kind of a hell to me . Like she said , i studied for it and i knew how to do Q but why my mind gets blank all of the sudden and I was nervous of the paper that it eaten up my time . Anyway , it was already a past . I totally forget about it once i walk out from the exam hall .

And really .. Like what she wrote about how she read back her old post and reminded her what happened in the past .. It goes the same to me . I love reading back my old post seeing the ways I screamed in the blog , the way I show off-ed things I've done with my friends . Time really flies . In no time , alot of us will be walking into a new chapter of life .

Awww .. I really misses those times that we hang out together badly =(

Anyway , for those who is having exam for the next 3 days including me ..

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