Thursday, December 18, 2008


Birthdays is an important celebration for everyone of us . Thus, i would share the birthday celebration that me and my frens had for the past few months .. This post it's gonna be nothing but just BIRTHDAYSSSSSSS .. :D

In september , of course not forgetting my beloved daddy's birthday . A simple birthday celebration . Had a dinner in a chinese restaurant @ SOHO , Mount Kiara . Then , a simple birthday cut cake session lorh ^.^


Then, college frens also planned to have a steamboat dinner at Yuen Steamboat Restaurant, Sunway to celebrate the September Girls' birthday ie Yi Wen, Pei Li, Pei Ting as well as YiLian . Mostly are the girls that attended and few guys . Din really manage to get a picture of the guys . LOL . So, just girls picture here XD

Anyway, it is a good gathering as I kept mentioning this sem cuz we really hardly see each other in this sem . So, had a good laughed, good scolding, good chit-chat .

Just us

The 4 Birthday LengLuis : (from left) Yi Wen, Pei Li , Yi Lian , Pei Ting

The girls who attended the dinner

Next, would be my brother's birthday whom is on 13th October. Again , we decided to have dinner @ SOHO and i suggested to have dinner at D' Empire Brasserie cuz the last time we went, the smell of the lamb steak was nice that it makes me so irresistable . Well , the food was nice as well as the price *wink wink*

And when i was scanning thru the menu and guess what i discovered !!!!!

They even included Brad Pit and Paris Hilton as part of their menu !!!! LOL !!! Im not sure who would order that . Their fans ? or their enemies ????

Dad's spaghetti .

Dunno what chicken . Mum and ah sou ate the same

Bro's lamb shank

My lamb steak

Ah sou decided to buy 29 doughnut's for brother replacing the old tradition of birthday cake .

Lovely ah gor and ah sou

Do we look alike ????

Coming up next would be Sopo Shin's birthday ..
Our properly planned surprise was ruined when she "lao gai" at her mum .. Ish ish .. Anyway, me, kwan, and han drove all the way to Bukit Jalil to pick Shin and Da up for dinner lorh . Jam all the way . Ish . Since , everyone was hungry, so just decided to go to TGI Friday, The Curve for dinner .

As usual, pictures pictures .. But most of us had classes in the day, so we are quite tired to be so crazy .. XD Anyway, Shin din expect that TGIF had such birthday celebration and she had to stand on the chair to give a speech .. Kekeke ...

Happy Birthday darling .. Love u always ^.^

Last but not least before the exams and till date is the November's baby birthday celebration . Sad to say that WeWe and Joanna couldn't join . So, we only celebrated HongHong and EiLeen's birthday at Izzi, Pj Uptown . Hint : Will never ever step into that shop for foods anymore . Got it ? And hor .. even we want to blow cake , we have to pay extra RM40 just because we brought our own cake. =.=! Where got ppl like that do business de !!!! So, we decided to go to HongHong's house to blow candles lu .

Me, Sui Yuan and Honghong

Just me and her, Adelee

The girls

The boys

Adelee , Kacy , Me ..

The only group picture that is not blur . Thanks to the shaky waiter .
Love u guys loads . Make sure that we hang out more often in the future ya

The November babies

A more clearer of us in HongHong's house

Candid !! See la .. All so poser =.=!

The laughters , the gossips ...
Would also be kept together with the pictures .
A glance at the pictures , it tells thousand of stories .
This is so very true .. ^.^

Really miss the time <3

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