Friday, April 11, 2008

Humans True Feelings

Does one person really show what they really are feeling to the world ? Or people would normally just show the fake side i would say to the world .

A simple question to be asked to everyone who read ...

When u r sad , will u ever go out for eg go to class showing ur sad face or u rather just keep quite if u really are not in the mood and pretended u r just tired ?

Some would totally keep inside their heart not telling anyone. Some would cry out to their very own trustable friend or family. If u can find one person to talk, that would definitely be good.

But some just won't do it. Just like me .. I really prefer kept inside my heart and only God knows how sad and depressed i am. I can say Im considered a lucky one as I will not "bring forward" my sadness to the next day. Or some may say I mood swings easily.

Even darling said that i shouldn't keep all problems to myself. I should learn to share. It's really hard to learn to share when I have a mind set that i shouldn't give my problem to other to solve for me. No matter what, I should solve on my own.

Everyone sees everyone as a strong at the outer. But truly are you? As for me, Im definitely not the one. I hated when nights come. It just reflecting the loneliness in me. Does everyone really can be TRULY be happy without any frustration of life? Or most people are just like me, hidding all our true feelings?

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