Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friends or Love or Work ?

I guess the questions above are a very common question that almost everyone in this world would think of. Isn't it ?

Well, as to me, I am not very sure about the working world as I totally have no experience in it. Still a full time students till date. Unlike some people have tried the working life as a part timers during school holidays. I never had that experience either. I really wished to. But during the long break after Form 3, mum discourages me to work. She say i should spend the time on my organ. That would be so much better. It is not like the family are in financial crisis. After SPM, Im so busy with looking for colleges, attending undang class. By the time i finish these, it's already January which the class has started.

So, excluding the work .. Between friends and love .. Hmm .. It's a tough question ..

I would definitely priotise FRIENDS as no 2 important . Love as no 1 ??? Nope . U guys are wrong . No 1 important definitely is my family. Family comes before everything. Don't you ?

I can afford to give up love as to friends. And that is very true of me . Some people would give everything for love. But im the opposite side. I would give up love for anything that i think is important to me that will affect the rest of my life. That maybe a bad point to have me as gf . LOL ....

As to me, to be in relationship besides u love him/her or he/she love u, u just to get a more intimate comfort that as a friend might not able to give u. Figure out yourself what's intimate comfort la... I love everyone the same. I may likes one person lesser but for sure i never hates one person in my life. And maybe because of the way i treated everyone the same including guys friends, jealousy comes into the picture. Ahahahaa .. And they always felt neglected too sometimes.

But hey .. This is me. U don't like the way i do things.That's totally fine with me. I don't need anybody to change for me. Just be urself and that what makes u unique from others. Why want to change to another person which u might not know urself too for the sake of the word "LOVE" ? Does it really worth it? Well, it's still up to how u look at things .. ^.^

All blames can be put on me . U can say im just playing around fooling around. I am not ready to look a longer time. Daddy was right. I should take things simple at the first time not hurrying into anything. Get to know the world more before u really decide anything. All i can say i am sorry. I don't ask for forgiveness.

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=13µnn¥™= said...

lol... its all you to you to choose to love or not... after all, its your life and you are in control of it... don let anything change your point of view... just do what you feel is right and never regret about it... a word of advice... if you can give love wings to fly and it flies back to you, you know than you had found the right ONE... hehehe... have a nice day.