Friday, May 2, 2008

Sharee's BBQ Party

I know Sharee's jie jie birthday has past almost a week now and now only im blogging about it . Sorry lu . Busy with 9 hours classes then mock . Then had bowling tournament which is a shocking history in my whole life :D *will talk more on that in the next post maybe*.

This post will be concentrating only on my dearest Sharee Jie Jie .. Now she is already 20 years old lorh .. Old old liao .. But hmmm .. she does look matured but inner part of her .. Hmm .. I leave that for u guys to decide , ok ??? :P

Sharee had a bbq party last saturday at her house near the swimming pool . I was glad that i was invited to her party. Thanks a lot to Lionel for fetching to and fro lu .. Ekekekee .. Owe u one teh tarik ya ^.^

Before going to her party, me, honghong, adelee and her sexy lionel as well as yilian went to Summit as we wanted to practice on bowling for our coming bowling tournemant (which has already past but will be kept in suspense till the next post). Reached there almost 5pm after had teatime at mcd then headed to the bowling centre. It was full as there is some event going on so not much lane left open to the public. So, Lionel wrote name on the waiting list. At first the lady said maybe need to wait about an hour, so we decided to go for a walk before come back. Mana tau , we went out just about half an hour, it has already passed our turn . Teruk !!! We suspect that they actually thrown away the paper and had a new shit of waiting list. Grrr... So, wrote our name again and stand there wait for about 15 min before we got our turn at last.

Well , the practice was alright as it's like almost a year since i touched the bowling ball. We play 2 games and the clock already showing 8something. So, we headed to Sharee's house lu. Everyone is there and they are almost done we their eating when we just reached. Ahahaha .. Pai seh nyer . Sorry oh Sharee jie jie !!!!

Had some slice pork and few piece of cheese bread. Then , was suppose to had a game , i would call it as "touching" game. Ahahaha .. But since not many people wanted to play, so some of them went for pool and some of us had the musical chair. LOL ...

Since it's getting late, so the normal singing birthday and smashing cake ceremony lu .... Hmm .. This time round is seriously violent ler .. 1kg of cake was smashed by Sharee's face leaving half of the cake untouched only. Ish ish .. Kelian punya Sharee .... Anyway, it was fun ;P

Once again , thanks alot to Sharee jie jie for inviting me to your birthday party oh :D

Random Pictures

Me and the all time favourite ah lui

Oh yeah, my two loyal bodyguard :P

Me and my leng zhai lougong aka honghong

My lovely TKJ !!!

I got no idea what she's trying to do >.

Sharee's beautiful cake in the begining before it was smashed

Last but not least , our pretty Sharee :P

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