Sunday, May 11, 2008

Journey to The Curve -.-!

Was suppose to have a movie at 1U .. Then, suddenly Shin suggested to watch it at Cineplex. So headed there . This time the so po gang is minus so po kwan plus TLL . Well , so this is 2 guys and 3 guys but still is my darling driving cuz my bro drove my car to work .. Sad ...

Reached there, most of us have not eaten so went around looking for food. At first wanted to have it at "Apartment" but when we see the menu, dunno wat to order and it's quite expensive as it's too late too have a heavy dinner. So ended up having McDonald's while So Lou Da went to see any movies.

Din get to watch any movies as the next shows are mostly at 11something. It's too late for darling to drive alone at so late. So, at 1st we take away the McD , then end up eating there. After that, dunno is it that we are addicted to pool, so we went 1 round of pool before going home...

Oh ya, there seems to have a fashion show at The Curve and the stage's decoration look very nice and so we decided to SS there for awhile till the guard came at shoo us away as the shopping complex is closing at 12am ...

So, there u go with our not so clear pics ....

Not so sure wat he's trying to pose

With so lou da

So Lou Da, me , Darling and TLL

Us again with so po han taking the pic

The 3 gals without so po kwan

Hmmmm ...

Cacated love shape .. Ekekekeke

SS while waiting someone and someone to pose

There goes the someone ... (1st try)

(2nd Try)

Us again with a cool look

Preferably this 1 .. ^.^

Oh Yeah .. Just So Poh Han driving Darling's Big Car .. ^.^

The funniest part that happen today is ....

Normally the girls would usually get a phone call from our parents asking wat time are we going back while so lou da won't get such calls. What happened today is , we girls did not get the call while he get the call from his mama asking gone to where .. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ..

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