Friday, May 30, 2008

My Idol

How many person that u know that would work so hard to pay for education fees ? I believe U could count it out there's how many . There mayb a lot but as for me , as far as i know not much people can do that . It's not easy . I admit that i myself would not be able to do that .

Working part time most of ur free day even on weekday ... Can u do that ????

There is this 1 person that actually managed to do that. He even joined RC (Red Crescent) as a volunteer first aider. I guess the best way to say is that he managed his time well. Isn't it ??

He really is my idol . He really is ...

Every time i look at him, talk to him, he made me realised that how fortunate i am as i am able to study and use the moneys without any financial problem to worry about.

He's someone so special that i promised myself that i would appreciate him and his sincerity. ^.^

A drawing draw by me who so seldom draw for my mr.idol hoping he would stay strong.
"Even if one day U r feeling tired, don't worry, take a rest. I'll be there to support U"

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