Saturday, May 3, 2008

S 1 N G L 3

Something are just human's nature behaviour. Some can be changed some can't. Sometimes it is better to be like this rather than wanting them to change. Because by changing their nature behaviour, it would mean they are no more the same people. ^.^

Today is my beloved Kwan's 20th birthday ... She's 1 of my so poh gang member. I believed I have known her since Form 1 when we joined Lembaga Pusat Sumber but she's a librarian while i am at the media section. Not really close till Form 4 when we are in the same class. Form 4 is still not so closed since it is considered as new classmates. Then, in form 5, she sat beside me on my left side. And that's how, the four of us, shin, kwan , me and han get close together as we sat at the same row. ^.^

Really missed that time. And really glad that the bonding of our friendship is still strong .. Unlike some of other Form 5 classmates which some have even lost touch.

I hope that I have the same strong bonding with these group of friends as well as my college sot sot gang. These 2 groups of friends really mean a lot of me as like a lot of adult said .. When we are in the working world, people that u know are more realistic than just merely true friends. That is why i appreciate the friendship that I have now. I love u guys !!!!

And last but not least ......

May 3rd 2008 ^.^ Something to note down :P

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Anonymous said...

hey sopo yean,
thanks a lot for ur wishing n u guys celebrate b'day wit me ya..
i am very happy n glad to had this 'party' with u all ler..
i now baru come to see ur blog, cos tat few day not in kl so no pc..
u will be our gang secretary ler.. everytime yam cha u oso need to post up a blog ooo...
so i think ur blog will full of our SOPO gang memories..
yeah!! den can see a lot of changes of us...