Monday, May 5, 2008

So Poh's Outing

Thanks a million times to all my reader who concerned about my previous post . Thank you Thank you .. I really appreciate a lot ... And Im so alright now. That is also thanks a lot to my dear so pohs as they cheered me up when outings and hua hua lu .. Ahahahaha ....

I guess i'll have to postpone my post on TKJ birthday and the bowling as my darling shin shin wanted me to post on this so much .. Ekekekeke .. So for my darling , i will post this 1st ...

2nd May 2008

4 So Poh and 1 So Lou went to The Curve's Red Box to celebrate so poh kwan's birthday. As usual, sing sing sing . Sing to the max and the very first time hear So Lou singing . Ahahaha . Not bad marh u sing . So, next time go sing k dun shy shy to sing d larh . ^.^

I guess it's the 1st time we had a cake for so poh kwan .. Ekekekeke .. So pai seh neh .

Then, we went to the Cineleisure to have a few rounds of pool . On the way up, at the ground floor, the TREN dancing academy was having a promotion and performance. It was cool to see those guys dance so good and yeng. But the girls .. Hmmm .. I guess most of them are just beginner i guess. The funniest part is, those learners that we saw, mostly are from KB aka Kepong Baru (that's how we used to call our skul , KB). I want to learn ! RM50/month .. Who want sponsor me :P

So Poh Kwan with her birthday cake

Wishing for a leng zhai

Cake cutting ceremony

And the cake smashing ceremony

The birthday girl after being smashed :P

Still look so leng lui ...

My darling shin

My No 1 Blur So Poh Han

So Lou Da

Just us

Yay ! The 4 Besties ... I really got no idea why is my hair so pong pong ...

Will leave it up to ur imagination

Too happy d oh ....

Yer . My darling kau zhai T.T

He wanted to change a new pose as primary photo . What u guys think ? Me ? No comment

Again .. Up to ur imagination ...

The friends that never leave me alone in this world

2nd Pose

3rd Pose

TREN production .. the dancing academy ! i want learn i want learn !!!!!!!

The Pool Session .......
So Lou teaching my dear so pohs how to play

3rd May 2008

At night , darling shin suddenly msn me asking me whether want to go to ss2 Murni for yum cha session. I was like .... "U ok bo?" Suddenly go there yum cha . Then , she said that she need to fetch her leng zhai cousin and leng lui cousin back to hostel in sunway. So, i agreed to go with her and another 2 so poh oso joined us.

This time of course darling drove lu .. I really dunno why hor . Everytime she drive, i'll ended up laughing till stomach bloated . Ish ish >.<

Reaching SS2 Murni

The famous Roti Hawaii

Me and My darling's drink ...
Pink Panther = Strawberry + Banana .. Not bad larh .. But a bit too big

After that, we headed to sunway to fetch darling's cousin back to hostel lo . 1 is studying in monash and another 1 in taylor's college. So Poh Han drove darling's car back as shin shin does not really know the way out. So, han offer to drove the big car :D

So Poh Han driving ...
Still can pose while driving . Ish ish ...

That's all for today ^.^

Nightmare is coming .... RAWR !!!!!
3 weeks with 4 days of 10 hours classes consecutively each week .. Wah Lau !!!!! Omitaba ...

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