Tuesday, April 17, 2007

yo yo !! wakaka . im back again . i know u guys miss me a lot . ekeke . anyway , really no mood to blog dis days la . lots of things been happening around me . argh . n made me so tired n stress . the most stress things is my PT2 . omg la . i failed law n fmc . wuwuwuwu . damn sad la wei . anyway , really thanks to my frens who were there in the class dat made me not that down , to some1 whom comfort me especially dis weeks . really thanks to him la . yeah yeah . is a HIM . but dun ask me who is HIM . =.= n oso thanks to my daddy cuz he oso comfort me when i got back my law paper n super down . anyway , felt better now but got to put extra (200%) effort into all my studies . NO MORE ONLINE !!!! ok . enough for the sad part ya .
ACCA Social Gathering

MISS choon onn is here ! "im the MISS ACCA"

chinchin n me . "sleeping or feeling cold?"

the pretty gal , elaine n the fat chubby gal , me >.<
yen n yean ^^
yeah ~ the ss gang . muahaha . PART of ss gang >.<
the 5 best frens . cant live without u guys . thanks guys . *muah*
the 5 leng luis except the pink 1 >.<
-honghong n me - wherever we go , there must b both of ours pic . wakaka .
yeah . this post i'll b diff bit . pics 1st story later . wakaka . anyway , my sadness r wipe off with the happy happy social gathering on friday night lu . after our usual class , adelee the driver drove me , tingting , chinchin n tkj to tkj's house to take a bath n change clothes lu . wakaka . 5 of us wore skirts with heels . yeng nyer when walk in a group . la la la . then , dat adelee n tingting bath the slowest 1 lor . some more itu adelee need to do her hair . ish ish . sorry ya , adelee . im a bad hairstylist . wakaka . (pics will be shown when i transfer from my cam) . then , reached college around 7pm cuz adelee lor . haih . ^^ anyway , reach there , register , sat down . opening ceromy speech by the president , then FOOD ! muahaha . time to eat . hungry ler . but din eat much lah cuz like no appetite on tat day . then , there's performance by the SAC commitee member lu . not bad not bad . the best part was the game lu . every1 was like shouting like a maniac . i guess there's were all the stress-ed out future accoutants release their stress . wakaka . anyway , there is the limbo game . the best game of all is where 3 gals need to help 1 guy from each team to make up n dress up like a woman . damn cool la all the GUYS . some of the guys r dexter , choon onn , tatt hoong n tiger lu . wakaka . the GUYS look so PRETTY .
as usual , all of us will start to take out cameras . flash here flash there . ahahaha . nevertheless ,SS !! the event end at around 10.30pm . but me , honghong , lionel , vern yen n sharrie was there in the foyer till around 11pm cuz need to wait for mark to fetch his beloved sharrie lu . cannot dam dai her alone in college mah . ^^ so while waiting , as usual , ss again lor . ish ish . cannot stop with the cameras 1 . haha . after that , lionel fetch the 3 of us home lu . THANKS TO LION !!! la la la ~~

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