Friday, April 6, 2007

what a day .

yeah yeah . what a day is today . EMO day !!! yeah . morning wake up with the empty feeling in my heart . it's been feeling like dis for few days d . argh . i really hate dis kind of feeling . m i missing him again ? NO ! I DON'T WANT !!!! argh . i hate this .

well then . 1 of the stupid touch n go toll rosak n made 2 lanes become 1 lane . n as usual , traffic jam ! when im almost reaching to the toll , 1 stupid fella just so KIASU that he/she just stick his head(the car) to the butt of the car in front . i have already gave signal n even wave it to him n wuldnt just stop n let me go . MA DE ! then , make me stop my car slower n sort of touched the car in front . SIAO ! the car ok la . but my car , sudah bend in . n u know wat for those who thinking of buying myvi ? DUN EVER CONSIDER BUYING IT AS IT IS MADE BY MILO TIN . 'touched' a bit nia sudah bend . wth . anyway , dat makes me emo quite a while but then ok lar after reached college n met with the others .

anyway , today nothing much happen la . just as usual in the class zzzzz especially for LAW .

n oh ya , last wed , me , adelee , honghong , tingting , chingyong n william went to watch "Mr Bean's Holiday" . as i mentioned earlier in previous post , they won the tickets . (scroll down bah for the post on us winning the tix in the last 2 post ) besides , sharrie , vern yen , sher huey , suan li , sheng n sheng's sis were there too . cool . then the whole cinema basically was all winners for the marigold movie mania . so , all sunway n monash student in the cinema . got free drinks . the movie was very funny lar . the mr bean memang sangat the stupid . ish ish . but is worth watching it cuz u'll laugh from the beginning to the end . wakakakkaakakakaka .

i think dat's all for today la . still kinda emo although i dun show to others cuz dat will not be me but i will tell here that im EMO . haha . but dear frens , dun worry bout me . im ok as u all see me in college ya . ^^

before signing off here , wana recommend u all to visit this blog : . dis blogger is a singaporean grandma i shuld say . she oso an actress for quite number of singapore movies like I NOT STUPID TOO . try reading her blog . u wun even bilif that is a GRANDMA who wrote it . haha . enjoy !

as usual the us ss where ever we go ~

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