Wednesday, April 18, 2007

study study

today got back my tax paper , oso the last paper we got back . well , was kinda satisfied with the marks i got , 71 for a person who did last min study . im satisfied . so , my pt2 results will be 2 fail n 2 passes . fails would b the FAV sub , law n fmc too . i really got to work hard on it . although , i got a satisfying marks for IS n tax , yet i still need to keep it up like the lecturers said but never get over confidence . was kinda sad with my 2 papers that i fail but to think at the positive side , it's a SIGN that i shuld b studying hard . everytime i got back my paper , i will have the thought , 'if oni i studied harder' . i hope i wun have this kind of thoughts anymore in future .

as dad told me , "failure is the mother of success" . yeah . i do agree . cuz dis failure had really scare me off n im getting myself to be more hardworking . although i failed , but i will never give up . i remembered there's 1 book entitled "Dare to Fail" . it's basically about guides n advices to ppl who wana venture in the biz world . as everybody know , to involve in biz , u really need to take take a lot of risks . n is oni those ppl who dare to fail will success in the future . thus , i think never be afraid of failing but of course from the failure is where u learn ur mistakes n correct it n improve it hoping that fail once is more than enuf for us to realise things (i mean in studies)

haha . i think is enuf of this "MATURE" talks . later , u all sure say , ini kah yean ah .. bla bla bla . la la la la . some times oso need to be mature de mah . takkan always remain as blur meh . wuwuwu .

well , these days lots of things happen to me which there's happy n sad . but it seems that the end , is a very sad ending . in ended with a misunderstanding . if oni he understands me . mayb he oso trying to give himself an excuse to forget me . well , i guess this misunderstanding will help him . although it really hurts me when he misunderstand for wat i said . but i chose not to explain anything cuz i bilif he will not listen to it . but today i woke up , feeling relief . ytd was like a dream to me . today , i felt much more happy . ^^

n oh ya , here , i wana tell a fren of mine , i bilif he will be reading it .
"u got the ans . since it is a negative ans , accept it , forget it n move on . life is not just about that . u can look back but let it remain as MEMORY . we got to move on n not just standing at where u r standing now . we all know life is tough but be strong n 1 day , when u look back , u will bilif that this world is actually not as bad as u think."

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