Monday, November 3, 2008

Month of Revision

P4 EDC has finally ended and without realising , now is already the 2nd day of November . GOSH ~! There's about 30 days to go before my finals .. I really need to buckle up . The revision for P4 had been a good revision and a great reminder for me as to which topics that I needed to pay more attention . And oh god , I really need to do more readings .. Oh please , Mr Bob Ryan , don't make it too difficult ya and please please whatever U wrote for the article , do come out as a Q .

Anyway , last Tues not forgetting that I also had a company visit to Ernst & Youngs at the Menara Milenium situated in Pusat Bandar Damansara . Which also where the Helps College is . Well , don't really have much comment on it . Maybe because every company definitely would be highlighting the good side of them only and besides , most likely I'll be working with BNM . So, went just to see how an audit firm looks like beside having a free lunch . XD

Dear readers , really really bare with me till my exams end ya .. I myself also had a lot of things to blog about , like my brothers birthday etc .. So, please bear with me till December o =P Hope you guys are still here refreshing my page patiently . I would try my best to have some small or random updates , ok ??

And oh ya ~!!!
I found this website , PhotoFunia ( click here ) where you are able to upload ur pictures and put into frames (not sure whether is it the appropriate terms) .. And it's look kinda cool and i think it's kinda popular thing to do around as I see many peoples also used that :D I tried some of the different types .. So, continue reading and have a rough idea on PhotoFunia

People painting me ~!! Doesn't it look real ??

OMG OMG ~! I am on the billboard ~!!!! *blush*

Even wall painting of me ??

Oh please everyone ~! Do vote for - Yean - @ 2707 XD

And last but least ~!!! I can't believe that HE is having my picture as his phone wallpaper ~!!! *blush blush*

Can u see ~! Can u see ~! OMG ~~~

Hahaha .. Ok la .. Enough of SS liao .. Roughly this is what u will get by just uploading ur pics . There are many other interesting frames . XD

Maybe i should i have a nice sleep tonight before start my war again . These two nights have not been sleeping too well because hoping to accompany someone who is not so happy recently .


Steven Goh said...

wao... you really have a good artistic skill. I love the 1 that you did on "people paining me", very real. Great job done :)

k@hy3@n said...

lol .. thanks thanks :D