Wednesday, October 22, 2008


oh yeah oh yeah ~~
i love shoppings ~~ WOHOO ~!
but i only love shoppings if i shop with friends and families ..
I mean shopping alone is so not my type ...
Shopping is something that should be enjoyed together :D

Today 1u is having the Jusco's Members Day .. So, lalagong called me and asked me did i go when i am still in the midst of dreaming .. Then, me and mama together gether with lalagong went lo ..
It's really really a fun day .. Can't rmb when was the last time that i enjoyed so much in shoppings ..

Some more , it's been a super long time since the last time go out with lalagong liao .. So, today is a happy happy day although I am suppose to study for tml's tax mock exam .. Ekekeke .. Luckily is still tax paper , so i think im still able to handle it ..

Now, i shall go study !! XD

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