Thursday, October 2, 2008

Childhoold Life

a place that once filled laughter
a place that once i run around
without afraid of strangers approaching
a place that i grown up
with all the friendly faces around me

Yeah .. My old house where i was born into and grew up till i was standard 2 before i moved into current house that i am staying . To be honest , that's the only place that i always wanted to go back . Other than that , wherever i go , i felt so stranger to me . I can't feel the warmth i used to have around me ...

Seriously .. If ever i were to move out and was given the chance where i want to stay . That's the oni house and place that i want to go .. And i always asked mummy not to sell the house :D

So, until now it's not sold but just rented it out for some income lo .. Heeeee
My heaven

The road that i used to hang around in the evening with other kids who has now grown up too

The back alley where i used to cycle to there and say Hi to mum when she is busy doing her cooking

I really missed the childhood times . Where there is no troubles , no worries and the smiles carve on my face , the friends i know there .. At least i know all are true , sincere . I hate the world today i am in . It's full of worries and stresses surrounding .

Anyway, it's been quite a long time since i post some of my SS pic here . So, there u go some of it that i took previously . Nowadays oso not in the mood to SS le .. Take how many oso doesn't satisfy me . Ugly me =C

If u want to comment , just feel free to comment barh . No eye see .. WUKAKAKAKA !
And some of u may miss him too .. :P

Porky ~!!!

And last but not least ..... of course.....

Yours sincerely


♥candy♥ said...

ya... i still rmb clearly...
i even take all my barbie dolls to ur house n play... sometime lay until very late then go bek home gt scolded^^
sweet n happy memories

k@hy3@n said...

oh ya oh ya ..
barbie dolls time with u :D
can even carry everything to each other house walking on the road .. LOL
geez .. i miss u and the old days we used to spend together .. <3