Monday, October 20, 2008

Weak Stomach

I just realised that I have a very weak stomach .. Very easily got stomachache 1 lorh .. Roar .. One good point of it is , I won't simply eat lots of junk foods and that would help me to keep fit by errr .. o.oo1% ?? Ahahaha .. Who cares .. Luckily i am not a junk food lover , so really seldom buy those junks to eat .. :D

But but but ..
Chocolate is something that i cannot say NO to it .. LOL .. But from some research , chocolate is known to be good for health ma .. Ahahaha .. *trying NOT to remind self about the disadvantages of over consumption of chocolate* lalala ~~~

Anyway , it is just a super duper random post over here . It is never meant for reading by people .. LOL . A diary that is read by others ?? Sounds weird , huh ? :D lalala ~~~

Just-overstress-yeanyean-who-is-talking-things-which-make-no-sense-to-others signing off

A place that once used to be a shout out place but it seems that it has been unveil by peoples and therefore i could not shout as loud as i could anymore . Still , the heart is the best place ..

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