Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday , Lalagong

16th November 1988 , a young and cute boy has born into this world, bringing happiness and colourful life to his family as well as his friends till date .
He too has stepped into ma life for the 1st time in January 2006 .
Today, he will stepping into the world of 20s for the first time .

And yes , that is Mr Tan Siu Hong aka ma lalagong

For those who don't know about him , let me have a little introduction of him

He's a caring guy who cared for his family and friends and always be there for them

A guy who brings laughter to everybody . He would do just anything to see U smile

Oh yeah , he would even sacrifice his sexy shoulder just to make u laugh . He's a sexy boy too

He never missed out the fashion trend . Always up to date . He's good in sense of fashion

And how do i meet this lovely guy ??
It all started as i said , he step into ma life in January 2006, when i thought that college life is just another stage of study life . But he changed my thinking . He brought wonderful chapter of stories that can never finish writing in just 1 day or even 2 days . Many uncountable 1st time that we did together .

First time celebrating his birthday together with WeWe and EiLeen's birthday

First time watching a movie together

First time celebrating Lantern Festival together

First time enjoyed the 3D animation ride together and laughed the whole way through

First time go for a trip together

First time realising how evil his eye can be

First time staring at the sky together

There's too much of first time that we did together and all safely keep inside my head as well as my photo album =)

When i am sad , u r there for me . When u r down , dun forget , i am here for u too like u always been here for me .

If u need a shoulder to cry on , here is my shoulder always for u to lean on . And i know u did the same for me

Time passes fast as if it happened only yesterday

No matter how fast the clock is ticking , our story will never ends and it will continue .
No matter what ups and downs u and me are facing every seconds , we both know that we are there for each other .

And last but not least ,
I will never forget ur evil eyes because that makes u attractive =P



Honghongtan said...

omg ma sexy shoulder pic is exposed !!! >~<

yeah time do flies
and i really hope that our story never ends.

i will never forget u because ur blurr smile makes u lovely.

i love you and thank you lalapo ~ <3

k@hy3@n said...

wat blur blur smile -.-
piak u ah ..
expose more of ur evil smile baru u tau .. herh