Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hong Kong + Macao

I know I promised to post about my Hong Kong trip. The pictures mostly are uploaded in FB, so anyone of you can go to my profile and have a look of it. If not, below are some of the pictures that I've taken.

I went to HK during Christmas, although it's so crowded with humans, it is still a wonderful trip. We also went over to Macao for a walk but similarly , it is so crowded that we wasted quite a lot of time in travelling by ferry as well as couldn't really enjoy the nice scenary. Anyway, I would love to cut my story short and just enjoy the pictures .. =D

Our very first morning at Kowloon

The very famous milk tea

Ma breakfast

Hong Kong Disneyland

@ Macau

The very famous pork bun

Symbolic of Macau

Night life of Hong Kong

Ngong Ping


Madamme Toussade , Wax Museum

The Tram to The Peak

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