Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am fat ... I am fat ... I am fat ... I am fat ... I am fat ... I am fat ... I am fat ...

and yes !! i am fat =(

Forcing myself to go to gym everyday to workout at least half an hour !!!! HMPH ...

I know some ppl would say working out for an hour, it's a no problem to anyone (including the fat people). I know i know. I always tried myself very hard to stay on with my work out for an hour. But I just have this breathing difficulty if I suddenly over stress myself in work out. I really don't want to faint on the spot. Because many a time, I would feel dizzy after sweating a while.

They say this is just psychological thinking. So, I always tell myself that Im just being lazy and refuse to work out, that's why I have self-made-symptom telling me that I should stop. I don't know. But I will push myself further each time I go into the gym. I hope I can run longer and longer each time. =]

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