Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bomb Threat

*concentrating on my monitor with all the papers spread everywhere on the table* 
"disyaki ada bom"
"semua get ready ya .. bawah dah ada banyak polis .. sekuriti tadi call"
*stop whatever i am doing*

Oh yeah .. That is the actual scene happened yesterday at my office in the morning around 10a.m. Everyone starts to get abit panic although everyone kinda stay calm and coolly. We did saw a row of police cars and vans parked at the road side.

So that is for real !!

After standing for a few mins, we are asked to evacuate the building !!

Yes !! It is for real !! I am totally not lying here .. I can swear to god ..

We hestitated should we run down by stairs or just take the lift??

Fine .. We will take the lift .. It's not fire drill .. HAhahahaa .. We are not trained to evacuate for BOMB THREAT !!!

Once we gotten down, bank staff from other dept. confirmed that it is a false alarm so we blindly go back in the lift and went back to office ...

Gosh ... What a trick played on us on April Fool's Day eve !!!! =.=!

And you know what ...

The police squad actually was there for almost an hour plus .. We are totally not alerted .. The building's security did not make any announcement until our own bank's security from HQ called our depts. So, only our bank's staff are doing the evacuation. Funny, ain't?

I thought once there is a suspected bomb threat , the whole building should be evacuated immediately???? There goes our super sucky efficiency and effectiveness of the Security and Police .. Hip Hip Hooray ~~~

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