Sunday, April 11, 2010


Honestly, I never been a fans of english series whereby I would not miss every series. The first series that I actually go crazy about is Heroes. Even that, I stop chasing after Season 2. Ehehehe..

Then came this gLee .. It's a musical comedy series. I have always love those musical movie / stage or whatsoever. As long as it is musical, then it's my favorite choice.

Anyway, gLee Season 1 Volume 1 is coming to an end by next week in Star World. I love all the songs sang by the gLee cast. They are wonderful and great singers for sure. Few songs that actually touches my heart. I tried searching YouTube for the video but I can only find their musics without any videos. It would actually touches your heart more if you guys did follow the show. Anyway, do enjoy. =)

Imagine by gLee cast

Imagine with Deaf people (as showed in Episode 11)
p.s managed to found the video =D it's edited though

Other gLee songs that I love all time
True Colours by Tina

Smile by gLee cast

Oh .. I think I love all the gLee songs .. But above are some that is in my top list .. =) Because they made me tears when listening to the songs. Just go youtube to search for other glee songs .. It would feel best if you watch the series because each songs are telling a story.

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