Sunday, April 18, 2010

Immigration Department

Woke up damn early on a Sunday i.e. 6a.m. I should have continued sleeping on such a lovely Sunday morning. But because I have something to do ....

i.e. to renew my passport which is expiring soon.

Went to the Immigration Department, reached there at around 7.30a.m. The line is already half long. I think we should be the 80th++ customer... We queued for about half an hour before the door is open for the public to go in.

Queuing up for the number. Already 8a.m. It should start the counter operation already by then. But it seems like the line it's not moving. Waited for another half an hour.

Almost reach the counter to get our number... And there goes the announcement announcing that their system is down and could not do any operation for whole day .... FOR WHOLE DAY !!! Omg lo .... Felt disappointed but what more can we do.

Walked to McD for breakfast. Ehehehe...

Then, when we walked by, there's a crowd with police car there. As a pure Msian, definitely for sure will walk towards the crowd. XD

And get to know that, there's this 1 lady seems to be throwing tantrum for the reason she has come to immigration to do her passport but failed so because of the system down and that she is in need of the passport to go overseas. Not sure the details of it but in end up that they have to call the police to escort her away. And we could see she's crying desperately. Haihhhzzz ....

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