Thursday, September 6, 2007

Long Distance Relationship

Note: This post is not specific to anything or anyone . Im just talking bout it in general.

To be in love and to loved is definitely a wonderful thing to do. It is very seldom people can actually have long distance relationship. It's not easy as it really takes a double effort as compared to the normal love relationship.

The first thing would definitely be u can't even see the loved one when u actually seriously need the comfort from them. Another thing u actually spend more than what u normally would in order to maintain the relationship although u dun really going out with them. Why? Cuz u spend a lot on the phone. It really takes a lot of courage and patient if u r in this long distance relationship. Most of these couples normally end up with a break up as they can't handle the situations when times go by. It's really really tough.

However, i still see there are couples who manage to be together for a long long time although they are far apart. So, what i see is like what my friend told me this morning, it all depends on the will of the couples to move on. It also need trust from both side. With this, the love will be last forever.

I wished all the best to long distance couples. Be strong to the end. It'll be happy n sweet memory. ^.^


Honghongtan said...

yeah yeah !!! my mum's fren also ~ 4 years long distance neh ! then when the boy come back get married liao ~ so sweet ~~~

k@hy3@n said...

wow .. so sweet ~