Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Ting Ting !!!!

First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TING TING !!!!!

I've known u .. Let me see .. Since mid of last year when we are suppose to group into about 20 peoples for the Moral Project. Since, ting's group of frens + my group of yoyo gang manage to came up with 20 of us.. So, since then, we are in a group for the project and from there we get to know each other.

After half a year, which is this year ... She also changed to our group as Stella couldn't fit her time for their actual group. So, ting sort of accompanied her to our group. And that's how we became even more closer when time goes by.

She's a cute gurl who actually sometimes love to nag us =.= She also a super blur gurl which we ranked her to be the No.2 Blur Gal in our group. Ekekeke .. A smart gal as well ... N oh ya .. Just a moment ago, me n lionel oso just named her .. She is a HEN !!! Why ? Ask her lah .. She has also become one of my close close fren who always be there for me when i needed some1 to be my listener. Thank u gal.. Ooppsss .. No no .. Thank you, popo ... XD

-- My Dear Ting Ting aka PoTing --
left : err .. she got shocked i guess or she saw something delicious.. Hmmm
right : ting ting in the snow ~~
the new ting with the newly perm hair . isn't she look pretty n have the motherly look ..

left : peace peace
right : love u , ting ting


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