Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ur money is MINE, My money is MINE :P

Someone says he love this pic a lot . So i'll just post it here lu . *wink*

Just finished my FR test on Saturday at 5.30 to 8.30 (my precious dinner time neh). Nothing much to be said about the test . The questions was like 75% is theory rather than 70% of calculation. So wrote a lot compare to "poking" the calculator. Wuwuwu . Tot was a calculation paper. Cis .. Ms Menon bully me ..

Then on Sunday, as usual had my 9 hours of class. Spending my time with frens n Ms Menon for my lovely Sunday. Even my family, I also don't spend so long with them in a day leh . Ekekeke . For the whole day, we learnt about Groups Account only and came to this interesting part where dar n I was just talking about it at the day before. Ekekeke ..

Groups Account

On the date of acquisition , we got to determine the profits before acquisition ie pre-profit and profir after acquisition ie post-profit. Pre-profit theoratically are the subsidiary's profits. Only post-profits are belong to the parents.

Application to Life

Ms Menon said .....

In real life also like that . To a girl .. Ur husband's money is my money and my money is still my money . :D

This statement is truly from a pure accountant. Ahahaha .. So, can't blame us for having this statement to the guys neh . Ekekeke ...

But i think for ting ting is not the same . Ahaha . She what also chingyong chingyong nia . Aih .. Don't want teach her how to be a good gf d . :D U 2 sendiri "zap sang" la . Ahaha . I speechless d . :X


SmallHead said...

this is 1 of the reason not to find gf who is a accountant.XD hahaha.

u muz understand,popo thinking is diff from young generation nowadays

k@hy3@n said...

lol ... agree agree .. XD