Monday, September 3, 2007

How does normally one person read their sms..

Something interesting to share with all my friends. Just to relax urself after a whole day of hard work. It is about how usually a person would read their sms. Most of the people will stop reading the message when after the end of the sentence was blank where not many people would though there would be more if u scroll down. My loved 1 sent me this message which I actually reacted the same way as most people do. So, since I was bored just now, I decide to try how actually my friends would react. I didn't expect every1 would reply almost the same. But it really can make u laugh.

The message that i sent sounds this way:

Malulah.. can ask u a favour? Do u hav spare cash 2 lend me ?
The bank says my acc, left $999,999.90.
Juz lend me 10cent, SO I CAN BE MILLIONAIRE ;)

Most people would only read the 1st 2 Q as they would though that that is the end of the message. Ive send to some of my friends. So, here are their replies..

Adelee: Woh ? Got ah. Y ?
Me: Pinjam me la . Ty. Muaks . Wuahaha
Adelee: How much o?
Me: Err . I need a lot . Inside dat msg i got write ma .
Adelee: Did not say o .
(called her and asked her to scroll down the msg oni she realise that)

Monkey Gor: Need 2wait til 10th oni my salary came out wor...

Sifu: Berapa ringgit?
Me: Betul nak pinjam ah ? Pai seh . Wuahaha .
Sifu: Kalau the amount okok..and boleh afford..still can lar..apasal suddenly mau duit?
Me: Mau tau why i wan ? sifu sure can afford 1 . u go scroll down dat msg again.
Sifu: What da!!ceik puas puas!!

Honghong: Of course can la. Why wor. Wat happened ? ok boh. got got. help as much as i could.
Me: haha . err . cuz hor cuz hor ... i pai seh la . nvm la . adelee lend me . u cont read the msg la . wuahaha .
Honghong: Aiyo. fren fren why paiseh. wat happened wor.

Lionel: Got.. You need how much..?

IpohChai: How much? For wat purpose?
Me: Err . Wan say meh . i shy leh . dun ask me wat purpose la . just want to leng me anot .
IpohChai: Don wan! Later u ask me a few million how.
(told him to read the msg again)
IpohChai: sei dum dum

Susu san: Huh? How many? Wat happen to u ?
Me: Haih . Need money lo . Wuwuwu . How much ah . My dat msg got write ma . U read again .
Susu san: Ah!!!! Wat da.. Kena tipu liao.. Aiyo tis ah pa san very jahat wan.. Cheh.dun wan friend wif u liao.

ChingYong: Lol.. Haha. u wan for wat? How much?
Me: To err . To pay my acca fee . I very poor .
ChingYong: Lol.. Dont fake fake la.. Ask ur daddy la.. Acca fee they will pay
Me: i poor ma . wuwuwu . help me la . ok ? ekekeke .
ChingYong: Lol.. U sure one bor? How much o? Haha..
Me: err. u go scroll down the msg again. i got write how much i need . ty oh .

There are oni 2 persons who actually read the full message. They are our dear tkj, christine and hoehoe (one of my net fren). Congrats to them ohhh ..

Ahahaha .. This really shows how do normally people read a sms . So , do remember ya . Do scroll down make sure it is really end of the msg d . XD

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