Saturday, September 8, 2007

Badminton Day

Yesterday did nothing much except waking up early as need to go all the way to college just to see marcus =.= Roar !!!! My sleeping time neh . Wuwuwuwu .. See him d , came back home . Had lunch then tot wan do my obu but thunderstorm . So dun wan online. SLEEEPPPPPP ~! ekekekek ..

Slept half way, han sms-ed me ask me wana go for badminton anot later in the evening . So, with eye open half, just replied yes. Cause thinking if not, i'll be sleeping like a pig till dinner time. Around 4 something, still sleepy but forced myself to wake up. Online while waiting for han to come n fetch me. Then, there we go . To badminton hall we go. XD

Play for an hour so.. Argghh .. Stamina sudah merosot neh . Ish ish . Now right hand pain pain neh . Wuwuwuwuwu .. Sad sad . When we went to the "starplus", the badminton hall near my house, we met shin's classmate which is also our secondary skul frens lo. Funny thing is shin rejected them but came with us. So her frens jokingly scold her . Ahahaha. Kelian . Not our fault oh . U urself say they went to FRIM . Ahahahaha

After badminton, went for dinner at The Prince lo. Together with shin's fren. Then, itu popomama punya son wei da say wan go maluri to meet some1 awhile. He said A WHILE ! n we waited actually almost 1 n half hour !!!!!! OMG ! Argh .. Next time dun wan trust u d . Herh ! Sendiri jalan balik...

Oo yah .. when we were having our dinner, some were reading magazine and they saw the winner for the dunno wat summer boy competition. Wow .. And a guy from our school actually won it. Same year as me de but 1 year older. Honestly he's handsome during our skul time. We always call him "Edison Chan" cuz he really quite a lot like him . Leng zhai nyer .. But too bad .. he's not good academically . There, the pic i took using han's new phone. XD


Anonymous said...

firstly lend money..then the next blog long distance relationship..then subsequently excercise..
conclusion.. you need money to sustain your financial portion to maintain your long distance relationship and since these days you tarak exercise..lemak banyak so want to slim up to somehow look better in front of the guy when he comes down?)
STILL DOWAN TO ADMIT YOU KENA POISON !!! tipu me gile sial..!!

pe[a]nut said...


malaysian??? LENGZAI NEH!!!!!!

shit man. He so lengzaaiii...impossible stupid loooooooo...huhuhuhu!

still like him!!! SO LENGZAI!!!! Got muscles somemore..

k@hy3@n said...

to lionel(anonymous) .. wuwuwuwu .. where got like dat link geh ! ish !!!!!! lionel bully me !

peanut ..
errr .. peanut sudah in love with that leng zhai .. ahahaha . wan me intro to u boh ?