Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Funeral That Ends With A Happy Smile

Yesterday was the day where my grandma's funeral was held. Every1 should be sad n grieve. At first, u can see auntie and uncle crying. Especially where the part the coffin is close. I cried too for a moment thinking I will never see popo again. However, the sad environment was just a while. After that, a smile on most relatives face can be seen. It all really thanks to a great master from Taiwan.

Let me start from the beginning. On wed morning, dad, brother, jiejie n me drove back to Kedah as Mummy has already gone back few days earlier. It was the third day since popo passed away. Reached there at around 3pm. Rest while before change into white t-shirt and black pants. At the late evening, start the prayer. It was done by an old "shi fu" (master) who drove all the way from Penang. Well, as compared to gong gong's funeral, this time they are not as crazy as last time.

Yeah . Ur eye is not blur. I type CRAZY. My uncles n aunties used to play a lot during the prayer time and make all us laugh. Ahahaha . Can't describe how playful are they especially my 1st uncle. Then, after all the prayers and all the relatives gone back, we suppose to have some rest. But god knows, something happen lu. It really stunned the whole house. Can't sleep whole night. Here, I also want to say many thanks to my dear monkey gor, although he was just recovering from sick, he still accompany sms with me the whole night till around 2 something am until i forced him to go to sleep. He even accompany the next day. Really thanks to him. I still believe that he's the one who will be there whenever i needed comfort and thanks for all the time u have for me. ^.^

Oh ya.. On the same night we reached there, a "shi fu" from Taiwan known as 大势师父 (master da shi) hope i din spell wrongly in chinese, also had came to pay a visit to us and did some prayer for grandma too once he got the news as he is also my 5th aunt's master. Really happy to see him and also glad that he still remember me since we last met 3 years ago. Master is really a nice person who always smile, nice to talk to also.

Well, that's the interesting part for the 1st night we reached there. On the 2nd night, nothing much in the morning except some prayer by "Master Da Shi". Then, evening he also had "gui yi" session. "Gui yi" in simple terms is where u are given a name where with this name, u will be the disciple of the Buddha. This is my 2nd time. I was given the name 妙县 (miao xian). According to master, he gave this name is because 3 years ago, i followed my auntie to listen to his buddha talk. Thus, he decided to give me this name.

During the night, nothing much but the usual prayer session goes on. But that night is the most tensed up night. Why? Some may not notice bout the tension in the air. But i could feel it, mayb i knew a bit of what is happening. Have u attend a funeral where in the house basically there are gangsters around the place? Yeah.. It is all around you if u actually notice ur surrounding. I can just feel their eyes like keep on staring everywhere although they were talking normally. Mummy even say there are few "big brother", few of my 1st uncle's "brother" (u know what i mean which brother) came to pay respect to grandma. Some more they had their style of praying. Too bad i didn't saw it. Miss out the scene. Cis. XD

On friday, it was the funeral day. As i mentioned at the begininng, everyone was sad and moaned for while. After that, especially when we reached the cemetery and pray for the last time, mummy and the rest who was standing in front saw something miracle happened. According to mummy, 1st they saw a green light from the ground far away going upwards the sky followed by clouds. When mummy asked me to see, no more green light but there is 1 lane of clouds and the sky is soooooooo blue as compared to the other side. At the moment, i was really touched. Everyone believed that it is a sign from grandma that she has followed Buddha to heaven. Everyone felt relieved and happy.

Everyone like mummy, youngest uncle and 6th uncle who was really happy with that miracle that can't stop themselves from telling Master Da Shi. Really many thanks to Master Da Shi. Further, my 6th uncle so cute. He called mummy asking where are we and she told him that we are at the restaurant having lunch with Master. So, he came by and rush in to the shop. Everyone in the shop actually kinda shocked including us. For ur info, he's a big size guy some more no smile, so fierce look.

So, he rushed in and this is roughly what he told Master,
"Master!!! I got free time, I will go to Taiwan look for u!!!"
(woah...what is this? wan fight with master ah?)
"Thanks you, master!!! I really appreciate for what u did for us.."
Then, he just rushed out. Everyone actually laughed even Master. Then, he called mummy say he haven't finish saying so mummy some more pass the phone to Master. Ahahaha . So cute~
6th Uncle is a person who don't really know how to express his feeling in a better way. But whatever he said is truly from his heart which Master can feel it.

This is the funeral that ends with a happy smile. Many thanks to Master Da Shi. Omitabha.

The blue blue sky which i got to take.

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