Wednesday, August 8, 2007

May God Bless U, Popo

Sunday night, mummy and my aunt rush back to Kedah where my mummy's hometown is.. Cuz mummy said that popo (my grandma) is sick .

On monday , gor gor reach home telling me that popo has passed away. Was surprised and stunned for a moment. Did not cry but kept thinking how was mummy. Sms her. Called her too. She sounds OK . Well .. I knew she will be OK, she's the thoughest woman i ever know . ^.^

Tml will be going back to Kedah with papa, gorgor n jiejie for the funeral. Wondering whether will i get to see my cousin sis. Really miss her a lot. Will be missing tml's F7 too.

May Popo rest in peace in heaven.

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