Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sickie Sick

Wuwuwu ... Sunday was a bad luck day to me i shuld say .. Rawr . Why le ? Cuz hor .. 1st 1st hor .. Ahahah .. ( Let me use some broken english) , the stupid LT8 no aircond wor . The reason that the b*** say is becuz we opened the windows and door , that's y we can't feel the aircond . WTH ~!!! If not open the windows , i think we all ady dead d lah ... Cis ... Luckily after that they managed to get us LT7 . Once cold once hot .... Mayb cuz of that my body cant handle with it . So , KO le ...

After having lunch of wan tan mee , i started to felt cold in my arms but hot in the body . Stomach turning . Wuwuwuwu ... After while , went out while she asked to do Q , and vomitted . T.T Felt better but still feeling headache .

Monday slept whole day as still feeling headache . Haih . Now consider as fully recover le .. Now currently in college waiting for 2pm so that i can meet that marcus which i DONT MISS HIM ... =.= Then , can go watch The Simpson !!! Yay !!!! Wohoo !! Hahahahaha ... Sot sot 1 me . XD

K lah .. Stop here 1st larh .. And i oso realised that it's been a long long time since i visit my fren's blog . I am so outdate neh .. Cannot .. Tonite must update myself 1st . Ekekekek . Muah

I LOVE U ~!!!

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