Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's Ma Birthday

It's ma birthday (27/07). First and foremost ( been using this words for my OBU. ahahaha), would like to say a thousand thank u to all my friends who has wished no matter by sms or call, thru msn , comments in friendster as well as here. Really thanks to u guys. With all these wishes, I know i am blessed.

On the thursday night, i was really bored because can't online at first but luckily i still manage to online after that. Then, lionel and the rest of us had a chatroom with miss voon sia in it. It is really funny seeing ms voon sia being bullied by us . hahahaa . Kelian . Then, me and adelee decided to go GB as there is event. She won quite a lot . What to do . I noob marh . After a few games, can't concentrate le because sms keep coming in . Ahahaha . So , ask adelee to go msn chat larh . After quiting the game, there is another chatroom . All wished me happy birthday . Really happy . ^.^

Monkey called me followed by honghong than a fren (siaokia). Happy lu .

On the day itself, i get ready to go the curve. Dad fetched me and i reaced there around 10.25am. Called honghong and he told me that Adelee have not even fetch him =.= So, went to the Borders and read some magazines. Mana tau , tkj, cy n tt reached 1st. Ish . Adelee ! This is the 1st thing i hated about u. Rawr. Promised to meet at 10.30am =.=

Then, met up with Adelee, siuhong , wynyan. We decided to have lunch at Kenny's Rogers. Lionel after that joined us too.

After lunch, headed to RedBox lu. Sing sing sing . Suan suan, Sher huey and pei li were there as well. As usual, the cake smashing will be carried out . How is it ? Let the pictures do the talking .

The singing just doesn't stop at 5pm. My family decided to celebrate my birthday at Neway. Adelee and siu hong joined us too. So, me, siu hong n adelee went to 1U to shop around 1st because Lionel want to get some present. Met up with Lionel. Shop shop shop. Then, go to Neway. Singing continues with the buffet dinner. Thumbs up to the buffet . It's nice ^.^v

Really thanks to my friends and family who celebrated my birthday. I realised a changed a lot after viewing siu hong's post. Ahahaha . In just 1 and half year and i really changed a lot.

Next mission --- Gam fei mission and to pass in my exams . Gambateh Yean Yean !!!

Left - From ma college frens
Right - From ma family
Yeah . The oily n tired me after whole day singing but still with a smile on it.
PS: Sorry for not uploading all the pictures because it is really slowly. Mayb i will upload more in the next post.

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