Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wakin's Song Touched My Heart

Yeah . Yesterday went for high tea at Crown Princess Hotel with ma family . Then , at night went to Wakin's Concert . It was really a great concert to me although this is the 1st time in ma life going to a life concert like this . Although the concert is not like Rain , SHE , Jay Chou concert which has full of singing n dancing . Wakin's was more on enjoying the songs rather than stage performance . He is really a great singer singing great song where every1 know's the lyrics n the lyrics can touched our heart anytime . A lot of songs really touched me that almost made me cry some more seeing him touched with the cheers from his fans .

Just a summary on his concert . Mayb will write more in detail later as for now im tired due to lack of sleep . So , must go sleep now .

But b4 dat , let u guys see the another look of me . Hahaha . Any comment ? Feel free to comment on it !


chingyong said...

wah~ leng lui leng lui sexy yean !!

Honghongtan said...


tinkerbell said...

sexy le!! nice nice
next time wear to college k!!
dun wear the jacket to cover lar!! haha

k@hy3@n said...

wow .. tq tq . tq chingyong . tq honghong n oso poting . ^.^v

n hor . dun wan wear to college . wuahaha . i shy . must wear jacket . if not , later ppl see my fat meat le . XD