Saturday, July 7, 2007

holiday end . new sem start .

it's quite sometimes since my last post . ekeke . back to the lazy blogger le . pai seh neh . wat to do .. holidays has ended n new sem has also started just few days ago . although is quite relaxing for time being though because we actually just attended 1 class , F8 which my FAV subject , Audit ! wuahahaha .. 1st class was ok cuz most of the things dat ms kiran explained was like a revision for CAT P8 . so , still can handle it so far . but still must be more hardworking lu . cannot be lazy le .. ^.^

then , the next day , we were suppose to have F7 class with ms menon . but the class has "exploded" which it could fit all of us in there , so some of us have to switch to part time class . the happy part is dat most of our gang is in the part time together but there are some like TKJ , eileen , joanna , pei li n suan li will stay in full time class . im so gonna miss them especially TKJ cuz we will be seeing her oni two days in F8 class . awwwwwww ... TKJ I MISS U NEH !

so , dat day those of us who opt for part time class are allowed to leave . thus , i'll be having class on sun , mon n tues oni . heeee .. more time to sleep :P

then today went ceong k with the ceong k gang lu . hehehe . sang quite lots of old songs . hahaha . some how , i just still prefer old songs . cuz is more easier to sing ? hehehe .. n i think the lyrics are more meaningful lorh as compare nowadays' lyrics , sometimes , really langsung tak paham wat they try to sing ...

after ceong k , me , tingting , chinchin , adelee n weeven went to A Cut Above to have our hair cut lu . well .. as 4 of us (adelee , tingting , chinching n me) promised to keep it secret on how adelee n tingting , both of them especially look like until sun . ekekekeke .. so for time being .. no comment on this 1st . heeeeeeee ... as for me , not much diff lah . just trim bit nia . ekeke . but my hair so soft neh . wonder wat shampoo they use . i oso wan buy . XD

k lu .. put a full stop here lu . tired d neh . ^.^v

nite nite . muah .

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