Saturday, July 21, 2007

SMKB Carnival = Meeting old frens

Before going into the main topic for the day , i woke up super early today as compare to my usual saturdays ( cant's use weekends bcuz sundays i'll be waking up damn early , 7am , still is early for a sunday ) . Mummy came in on the light n say it's already 6.20am . I was like "wat~~ 6 something oni neh . I wan sleep." Then , unconciously thought awhile . Oooo . Promised dad that will wake up early to go to Borders to get my Harry Porter which is released today . Yay (sleepy) . Woke up , took a bath to get myself more awake . N there we go to Borders . Reach there around 7.20am , people already lining up . Wah lau eh . So kiasu meh . Already pre-order still wan go so early . Kiasu . (Sendiri pun kiasu . Heee ) But for the fun of it lah . Hahahaha . Daddy say there is gift . Then saw those who already got theird books have the small owl soft toy as the gift . So cute neh ! But then ...... I DID NOT GET IT !!!!!!!!!!!! Why ? Cuz they say when my dad book , the gift is already over the limit . What the .... They should have the gift given to all , i mean ALL who had PRE-ORDER .


Forget bout it . Herh .

Then , went back home after go shopping while in Tesco . Reach home . Change to long pants n shoes cuz going back to my secondary school . Waited mei han to fetch me . Reached there , look for a carpark and there goes us . First , we decided to go and look for the teachers . Met Pn. Ho , teached me maths n add maths for Form 4 n Form 5 . Talk a lot . Hahaha . Then , trying to look for my BM teacher but just couldn't find her . Thinking that she will be in the padang jaga gerai , so we headed to the padang . On the way there , only realise the school change a lot . Last time the so-called dewan baru is now converting into classroom i think . Then , the astaka changed . There is more carpark near there too . Good for the teachers .

Along the way , met many long time no see friends . Chat while . Normal Q will be asked when meet one ..

"How are you?"
"What are you doing?"
"Happy marh?"
"How's life?"
"Hey!Long time no see!"

Yeah .. some common that every1 will be asking about . Haha . From the Q , clearly shows WE DUN KEEP IN TOUCH =.= Especially with those who are studying in Form 6 .

Then , since mei han got to rush home . So , me n kwan back to my house n drove my car again . Asking whether those Form 6 friends want to go for lunch . Those we asked is Peng Ying , Michelle , Ai Theng , Ai Woon , Bee Hua (all leng lui lerrrr .. but too bad din take pic with them) .

Peng Ying and Michelle need to go back right after the carnival . Ai Woon going with other gang for movies . Ai Then n Bee Hua agreed to join us but they will not be eating bcuz they say their stomach is full of water . Hahahaha . So , Ai Theng , Bee Hua , Yu Shuang , Kwan n me had our lunch at Bamboo Park .

Hahaha . Really glad to have 3 of them there . Hear them telling stories . And i bilif our table is the loudest . Talking bout friends , exam stress . Hahaha . And we actually came out with a stupid idea of how to face the exam . Lol .. I really laughed till my stomach bloated on that part . hahahahahah ... If want to write out what we chat , dun think i can finish writing until tml morning . Too much thing le . Gossips . Ahahahaha ...

After that , went to The Curve to fetch jie jie . Walk around before going home . Reach home around 5pm . Really tak bleh tahan . So , slept . Watch tv . Online . Ripping cds .

N omg ~
I DIN STUDY =.= (as expected) Rawr .

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