Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Me

Yeah . It is a happy week for i could say for last week . Happy me ~~~~

Ok ok .. Mayb today i'll just post some pics on lionel's bday as well as wee ven's birthday . For more story update , as usual .. do visit siu hong's blog ^.^v

First of all...
WEE VEN's Bday (24 August 2007)

The usual cake smashing ceromony (choc cake with mayonese n chilli sauce) Ewww .. Thank god mine is just cake n cream XD...

Left : The Burfday Gal
Right : Thos who manage to went for the lunch .. ^.^v

LIONEL's BURFDAY(14 August 2007)
This must write abit of story 1st . On that day, me and adelee decided to go to his house and give him a surprise .. So , we went and he was still sleeping . We were suppose to study for our next day's test but end up doing other things except for study .. XD

Left : Sleep sleep sleep ... The burfday boy
Right : Say wan study wor .. Sure anot ah ..

At last .. U woke up !!! but ..............

Dinolee ended up sleeping =.=

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