Thursday, August 23, 2007

Satisfying Result

Sorry guys for updating blog like a tortoi . Actually i got many things wana update de . Ahaha . Just to busy . Busy about what ah .. Hmm .. Busy about stress-ing on result day , OBU , chat , play game , anime . Sooooo BZ neh .. Since there's so much i wana blog about , i'll first post about the result day lo .

As i said previously , it was already 11++ am and yet we have not yet receive any mail from ACCA . So, around 12 something , mama say since i woke up d (as i was hiding in the room whole day so din realise i woke up), so go out eat lo . At first dun feel like going out eat cuz just wana sat at the com . But think think awhile, ok lu .. Just go lah .. Since every1 oso have their own things to do to avoid from thinking about the results. So, i also agree to go out for lunch lu.

Then, while waiting for my "yu tao mai"(fish head mee hun) to come, Lionel called asking me got the result d not . Say no lo and he told me that chingyong and tiger got it d and they pass all . OMG ! Stress is feeling up my stomach then. No mood to eat le . But still eat a bit la .. Reach home , fast fast go refresh my email .. Still nothing . Sian ~~~ So, chat with aaron lu . Tot wana go take a nap le . But before go nap, try refreshing again lo . At last .. 1 new message .. My hearts go "dup dup dup dup" .. gan zeong nyer ... Slowly open the mail . Scroll down slowly .. pass .. pass .. (yesh !) .. pass .. AND PASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs ~! Yes ! I pass all ! Wohoo ! Happy nyer . Relieved at last .. Hehehe .

Hmm .. Dat's the most gan zeong part for this week la .. Hehehehe .. But there's also another happy thing happen to me . ^.^v I'll just keep it for secret for now . XD

Isn't she so cute XD (More to be uploaded- The Baby Yean)

I WANT that bear bear !!!! He is sooooooooooo CUTEEEEE ~!!!! Love Teddy ~!

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