Monday, October 1, 2007

Just Updating

Sharee jie jie say why i din update my blog d wan . So , since she asked , so i update something lorh . Ahahaha .. People dunno wat to blog about marh . Not like u , got so many things to say about . Maybe im not that good in blogging or rather not that good in expressing my feeling and my thinkings. Besides, maybe like honghong mentioned in his blog, EMO for this few days. Yeah . I think i am undergoing that E-M-O feeling this days.

Am i just thinking too much ? Maybe darling is right . These few days we spend lesser time together as we are tied up with our own things. He got his test and assignment while i have to attend classes even on Sunday which should have the best day to spend time together. Sorry for thinking too much ya. :D

Well.. about today . As usual we have the 6 hours break in between whenever we have Audit and FR on the same day in the week day as the audit class is in the morning while FR definitely be in the night. So, today went to chingyong house lu.

Did nothing much except for sleeping. Oh ya .. I also suddenly eager to sms-ed mummy about me n darling. So, without any hesitation, i just wrote the sms and without even think twice, i just sent to mummy. Mum's reply was nothing much just saying that she couldn't tell me wat to do but she could only give advice if i needed 1. Ohhhh .. Was really touched. Im really glad that i have such a lovely mum n dad who never stop caring for me n bro although in this family, we dun really show our care directly.

K lo . Kinda tired d . Must sleep now . Beh tahan d . :D

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