Thursday, October 4, 2007

My 2 Leng Zhai Best Friend

Kevin Posted 04/10/2007 03:21

once upon a time, there is a pig yean, monkey kit and frog vin. they know each other by chating online using advance Personal Cow (PC). The application call Intelligent Cow Quart (ICQ). The application will send "Moo" message once the quart is pull out and user voice is recorded and it translated to various animal sound such as "Oik Oik" for yean, "Ngee Ngek" for kit and "Ribbit Ribbit" for vin.Thanks to the Personal Cow and Intelligent Cow Quart. They have known each other for more than 6 years now. Now they have upgraded to use Man System Negotiator (MSN) to communicate in human language, and they even go further in using Human Protocol (HP) to call, SMS, MMS and what-so-ever Ss to communicate.So, Pig Yean, Monkey Kit, Frog Vin will have a friendship forever using advance comunication device.

- Complimentary from Frog Vin for creating this testimonial - ribbit ribb

The above was written by Kevin to me in the friendster. Frankly, I was touched by what he wrote as it really bring backs memory on how we 1st know each other. Im really great to know Kevin n Mun Kit. How we know, i think he has written very clearly in the above. Time really flies and we actually has know each other for 6 years. I think is hard to have such a long friendship. I can say they 2 are the friends that i knew the longest beside my 2 best sis which i have known for more than 10 years. Yet another 2 good friends.

About Kevin n Mun Kit, they really had been walking with me in the ups n downs of my life. They never leave me when i needed comfort and advise. They were there to share all the happiness and sadness with me . I am superbly greatful n thankful for knowing them. I hope the journey of our friendship will not end. Although now each of us are busy with our own agenda of life but i believe that we never stop caring for each other. Thousands of thank you to Kevin the Frog n Mun Kit the Monkey . ^.^

Left : Kevin ---- Right : Monkey
Ooo ya ... About the 1 said in previous post where i mentioned that i wished my other half could read my mind .. Yeah .. Monkey would be the 1 that could actually know what im thinking. Last time we really got the very "close connection". But maybe after sometimes when we seldom keep in touch d, the connection abit lost d lah . Ekekeke . But MONKEY !!!! Dun worry !! i still know what are u thinking . *wink*


Iceman said...

ribbit ribbit =)

Iceman said...

y monkey and frog name is not inside ur buddies list...

sad ribbit sad ribbit =(

k@hy3@n said...

lol .. errr .. dun sad dun sad .. i link i link ... :)