Monday, October 8, 2007

Vote Him !!!!!

Gosh !!!! Isn't he cute !!! The eye of his is like a smiling eye saying "how do u do". The round lil mouth with the cute lil rabbit tooth. He is sooooooooo cuutttttteeeeeeeeeeee .. Feel like wana pinch him . Heeee ...

Do u guys think he's cute and he worth to get the grand prize of RM3000 ?
My dear friends, do vote him oh *wink* How ?

Just follow the following steps:

1. go to
2.get urself an epass .. if u guys already had an epas, then do login ..
The following sites are exclusive users of epass.,,,, So u guys can use the same login id if u have 1.
3. Go to Interest at the bars above and click on Baby Idol
4. Search for baby's name: Isaac Toh

5. Saw the similar pic above? Do vote him by just giving the score from 1 to 10 at the bottle milk on the right side.

Do give him a vote ya ^.^ Thanks !!

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