Thursday, February 12, 2009


I promised you guys to tell about more details regarding to NANTA (乱打) .. So, here you are ..


Actually it is something similar to "Stomp" if you guys know what it is .. Anyway , due to my laziness of writing in my own words , so i'll just copy and paste from what it got in that website XD . And i'll also include a short video that i found from the youtube .

A Nonverbal performance integrating Korean traditional "Samulnori" rhythm with comic and drama! Audiences of all ages and nationalities can enjoy! Everyone is welcome!

Since the first performance in October 1997, this world famous Non-verbal Performance made a record of 20% above full capacity at the theater driving the largest number of audience in Korean History.

Nanta made its international debut in 1999 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it received an award for best performance. Since then, it has been staged in the U.K. , Germany , Austria , Italy , Japan , Taiwan , Singapore , the Netherlands , and Australia . With plenty of support from successful oversea performances, in February 2004, Nanta finally opened a long term performance in Broadway New York , being the first in Asia.

Voted to be one of " the 10 most famous tourist attractions in Seoul" by Korean Tourist Service (300,000 tourist every year)

Nanta is a totally universal nonverbal performance. Since it's presented through music and motions, there is no language barrier. Therefore, Nanta can be enjoyed by people from all around the world!

Nanta combines rhythms from Korean folk music with modern musical forms to create an experience very unique but familiar to the international audience.

Many nonverbal performances seem to be dull because they consist of only rhythms and beats lacking in suspension. Nanta overcomes this drawback by combining a storyline with various comic scenes set in a kitchen as its background.

To double the fun, all of the audience can participate in the show. Spectators can be the bride and groom in a traditional Korean wedding ceremony, compete in piling up dumplings, and interact with the performers. You become a part of the show!

Three cooks start their day.

While they are busy preparing the vegetables and organizing the kitchen, a bad tempered manager appears. He orders them to prepare the food for a wedding by 6 o'clock in the afternoon.

The cooks, who had not been told about this event, are caught completely off-guard.

Not only that, the manager also brings his young nephew with him and demands that the cooks teach him how to cook and prepare food.

The manager exits after barking these seemingly impossible orders.

At first, the cooks don't like this clueless boy, but have to get on with their work.

They start preparing the food, but things don't go on smoothly.

The boy and three cooks get closer, though, and the audience joins the show.

The cooks struggle to prepare the dishes as quickly as possible, and manage to set the table by 6pm.

The wedding banquet draws to a successful conclusion.

Video :

Oh yeah .. The preview it's the same as what it is actually performed live ...

It was the 2nd time of me watching this Nanta .. Once in KL don't know which year , and the last time was the recent 1 at Seoul , Korea .. Seriously , shows like this or Stomp is something that I would never get bored even if u ask me to watch a thousand times . ^.^

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