Monday, June 27, 2011

KL Marathon 2011

Yours truly made her first 10km of walk run for her first time in her life !!! Please be proud of me !!!! LOL ...

I was expecting myself to finish in 2 hours but surprisingly i finish before 2 hours taken into account that I walk more than run, I stop for some photos .. Yes, i did took my sweet time to take some memorable photos .. XD

Evidence of me ran for 10.9km in 1 hour 44 mins with average pace of 9'30"km ..

I wasn't prepare for the run. I was so nervous and scare yet excited at the same time. I don't know what will happen to myself, will I faint? I really don't know before the run begins.

But I really thank god. It was drizzling at the beginning of the run and I suppose the weather was great with the cloudy day until almost towards the end of the run, only the sun came out. Happily, we manage to see rainbow on our way at Brickfields.

Every sign of KMs, it made me happy and excited. 

That shows not only stop for taking picture with the famous 5km sign, ok ... XD

I couldn't have done all this without the encouragement and support from my dearest. Along the journey, we ran together, we walk together, we encourage each other that we can finish this journey together. Thank you my dear for going this run with me although you did wanted to give up the night before. I thank you for trusting me that we can finish this together.

We finished this together @ 10km . =D

And we have our medal !! Woot !!!!

Beside the medal, I also have blisters at toes as memory .. Ouchie !!! *notes to self to get a better and branded running shoes*

The only sad part that my dai ka jie who beria-ia want to join couldn't make it the run as she was sick at the wrong time. Hopefully next year we can join together again and don't simply eat pasar malam food before the run, ok!!! I know you are reading this . Kekekekekekeke ....

For now, I am considering to make this run as my annual event... Hmmmm ... 

P.S: Main reason I don't like to tie up my hair like this !! Make my face damn fat and fugly... rawr !

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wjingyi said...

Haha..ya ya I m reading ur advice..note to myself..not to eat pasar malam food before any run. still so upset la..must make it next time